Sex by CA Conrad

CA Conrad


1.) What song should people be listening to when they read this interview?

Another World – Antony And The Johnsons

On January 2nd, 2013 Belinda Schmid and David Welch of Delinquent Films told me that they were investigating the murder of my boyfriend Earth (Mark).  A TREMENDOUS weight lifted off me that morning because for over a decade no one was taking this seriously.  The police in Tennessee claimed it was a suicide.  But how do you commit suicide while gagged, hogtied, covered in gasoline and set on fire?  Only an idiot would believe that his death was a suicide.  There are plenty of idiots around apparently.

Let them interview the coroner who is on my side, and let it all be done.  Too many years I’ve been angry and sad about this beautiful man brutally removed from our world.  He named himself Earth.  He was an environmental and AIDS activist.  And like men have burned and tortured the Earth for too long, so they did a gentle man I loved named Earth.

2.) Might as well get it out of the way. Favorite position?

My favorite position is complete freedom to shift position whenever I want.

3.) Items in your secret sex drawer? What’s missing?

Faggots can’t afford secrets.

4.) Advantages to being on top? Disadvantages?

I have a 22-year-old boyfriend who is a Power Bottom, and a 39-year-old boyfriend who is much more versatile.  I only like advantages because sex with disadvantages sounds too much like needing to change one’s life immediately.

5.) Describe Victorian porn.

Sadly apologetic, sadly wanting another world to breathe in, POOR OSCAR!!

6.) What do you say after sex with Freud?

Thank you Mr. Freud for telling the world that POETS are the true risk takers!!  (Freud said, “Wherever I go I find a poet has been there before me.”  Yeah, he got that one right, no doubt at all about it.)

7.) List some of your favorite double entendres for oral sex.

I don’t have any.  But when I was a kid I remember PUZZLING for some time over this graffiti on a men’s room wall:

If it smells like fish give it a dish

If it smells like cologne leave it alone

8.) You bring home a stripper to Mom and Dad. What happens?

Once when I was nine I woke to find my mother having sex with my babysitter Marcy.  Next morning when I asked her why Marcy’s head was between her legs she sniped, “SHE’S GOT A TONGUE DOESN’T SHE??!!”  It took me a few more years to crack that riddle.

9.) Sexiest poet?

Eileen Myles, whether you mean sexiest poet now or ever, Eileen Myles.

10.) How far do you go on your/her/his period?

I never use punctuation in my poems

I don’t stop for red lights either

11.) What will sex be like in the future?

We have KILLER FLYING ROBOTS some cutely call drones.  These KILLER FLYING ROBOTS are causing the people of Pakistan to have PTSD from HEARING the fucking buzzing in the sky all day and night.  It is only a matter of time before these KILLER FLYING ROBOTS are used domestically.  Sex is in there somewhere, terrified sex.  A sex of absolute terror because NOTHING GOOD is headed our way because as a nation we refuse to change the evil path we have laid for the world.

12.) Are you empowered as a sex worker?

When I first arrived in Philadelphia in the mid-80’s as a kid I befriended a bunch of handsome young men my age.  They were all hustlers.  Of course gay men don’t pay for sex because they don’t need to.  It’s the closeted “straight” men who paid, and paid well.  I was on the verge of taking the skin trade on when I met a coke dealer who stopped me, and I’m glad he did.  Most of those young men died of AIDS, or worse.  The coke dealer became my boyfriend and we partied EVERY SINGLE NIGHT OF THE WEEK!!  Every night was Saturday night!!  I made the right decision.

13.) Does fucking screw intimacy?

If you’re present for fucking there’s nothing more present.  If you’re truly self-possessed and enjoying fucking what could possibly be more intimate?

14.) Is sex cliché?

Boredom is a cliché, not sex.  War is a cliché, not sex.  Anyone who thinks sex is a cliché hasn’t yet found the right person to have sex with.  I hope they do.

15.) Favorite period moment?

When I was a boy I had chronic nosebleeds.  I was very young.  And I would go into the bathroom, cover my face and chest with it.  I especially liked when the blood dried and tightened the skin.  I would then wet my fingers in the sink and draw symbols into my face, neck, arms, and chest through the blood.  These were past life memories.  It’s incredible to have had those memories surface in this way.


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